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About Yeastock



Yeastock series are innovative yeast extracts for seasoning developed by Asahi Group.
Asahi Group Foods, Ltd., the oldest and biggest(*) yeast extract manufacturer in Japan as a member of Asahi Group produces Yeastock products.
To promote food safety and a healthy lifestyle, We offer customers natural savory ingredients based on the Asahi Group's core technologies.
Competitive advantages of Yeastock are the additional effects of salt and sugar reduction, flavor enhancement of spices and milk ingredients, going well with plant based meats as health-oriented products and the cost reduction effect from these results.
Yeastock will be your partner in developing new and innovative products.

* Quote from THE FOOD CHEMICAL NEWS Sep. 26, 2019 (Result in 2018)

3 characteristics of Yeastock:Natural,Traditional Japanese fermentation technology,Creation of new value


Asahi's abilities in yeast development and safe and secure quality

Asahi Breweries possesses a yeast bank including several thousands of types of yeasts, and yeast information has been compiled in a database. Using such cutting edge technologies for yeast, the company has launched hit products such as Asahi Super Dry. We have applied these technologies to the field of foods and have successfully developed yeast with high content of glutamic acid (a kind of natural amino acid) and characteristic functions. Furthermore, by utilizing our technologies for culturing these yeasts and our extracting technology, the Yeastock series of safe and secure yeast extract was developed.