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Q.What is Yeastock?
A.Yeast extract.
Q.What kind of yeast is it?
A. It is bakery yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).
Q.What is the nutritional source for growing yeast?
A.Beet-derived molasses.
Q.Are genetically-modified ingredients used in Yeastock?
A.No, they are not.
Q.Is the glutamic acid in Yeastock HG added artificially?
A.No, it is not added. It is naturally produced by the yeast.
Q.Yeastock HG gives a meat-like flavor. Is bouillon or the like mixed in?
A.No bouillon or the like is compounded. The flavor is derived merely from the yeast extract.
Q.Where is Yeastock produced?
A.In the vast backdrop of nature in the Republic of Serbia.
Q.Is it in a powder form?
A.In addition to the powder type, we have a sodium-free paste type with high liquidity.
Q.Does the Yeastock series have only HG with high glutamic acid content?
A.We first launched HG with high glutamic acid content, which seems to have the greatest demand. However, in the future, we intend to continuously sell useful products to assist your efforts to create new value. Don't miss it!
Q.We would like to try using Yeastock for foods that are not introduced in this website.
A.The foods we introduced in this website show only a few recipes using Yeastock. It is possible to use it for other foods. Please feel free to contact us.