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Yeastock HG, Yeast extract with high glutamic acid content

Yeastock HG, which we launched as the first series of Yeastock, is a yeast extract characterized by high glutamic acid content and has the following characteristics.


1. Strong umami taste

Yeastock HG contains five times more naturally occurring glutamic acid than traditional yeast extracts.
The richness of the taste specific to yeast extract makes any food tastier.

2. Brings out the original flavor of the ingredients

By adding Yeastock HG, it is possible to bring out the authentic flavor of ingredients.
For example, added to a cream soup made with skim milk, Yeastock HG enhances milkiness and kokumi, makes it taste deeper and fattier and gives it authentic tastiness.
Yeastock HG brings out the authentic flavor even when using cheap ingredients, so it is possible to cut down the cost of raw materials.

3. Enhances the flavor of spices

By adding Yeastock HG, it is possible to enhance the flavor of spices.
For example, added to a retort curry, Yeastock HG not only increases umami and kokumi, but also enhances spice taste, hotness, curry flavor and ripeness, giving it the taste of an authentic curry.
Thanks to Yeastock HG, it is possible to reduce the amount of spices and cut the cost down.

4. Lacks the distinctive taste specific to yeast extract

Yeastock HG lacks the distinctive taste specific to traditional yeast extracts (yeasty smell), and can be applied easily to a wide variety of foods.
Also, thanks to Yeastock HG high seasoning power, it is possible to reduce the amount of yeast extract, and make the yeasty smell less noticable.

5. Enhances the ripeness of fermented foods

By adding Yeastock HG, it is possible to enhance the ripeness of fermented foods.
Its efficacy can be verified with many fermented foods, such as miso or soy sauce.
For example, used in preparing kimchi, Yeastock HG not only increases umami, kokumi and pungency, but also enhances sourness and ripeness, bringing out the taste of authentic kimchi.

6. More taste to salt-reduced, fat-reduced foods

By adding Yeastock HG it is possible to compensate for the unsatisfactory taste of salt-reduced, fat-reduced foods and make them more tastier.
For example, added to 30% salt-reduced consomme soup, Yeastock HG increases the saltiness perception. Furthermore, it amplifies umami and richness, and enhances the chicken flavor, so it is possible to prepare a delicious consomme soup with a reduced amount of salt.

7. Safe and secure heat extraction method

Yeastock HG uses yeast grown with beet-derived molasses, and is extracted only by heating method, the same as when preparing soup stock.
Extraction and degradation methods by enzymes or hydrochloric acid are not used.

8. HACCP, ISO, FSSC, BRC certification

Yeastock series producing plant in Serbia is HACCP, FSSC 22000, ISO14001, BRC certified.


9. Kosher, Halal certification

All the Yeastock series products are Kosher/Halal certified.


10. "Product Power Award" winner at ifia JAPAN 2011

Yeastock HG (Japanese name: HyperMeast HG) won the "Product Power Award" as the best product at ifia JAPAN 2011, the 16th International Food Ingredients & Additives Exhibition and Conference, held in Japan this year.

Product lineup

Yeastock HG-PdD20
Powder-type Yeastock HG. A combination of savoriness from glutamic acid and the natural tastiness of yeast extract creates depth and richness of taste and reproduces the authentic professional taste.


Yeastock HG-Ps
Paste-type Yeastock HG. This is a salt-free paste with liquidity.